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We are an outcome based, goal-focused Digital Marketing Company in Kanpur & Lucknow with sincere dedication
to cater to the needs of our clients. With the exponential growth in internet industry, it’s essential to market
your business online as your potential customer is now searching for businesses like you on the web,
rather than exploring the markets physically.

Revolution in this era is based around the internet. People are adopting it in huge numbers each day. More than 80%
of the users search the web for gaining information and reading reviews before making a purchase. In order to be
in the business, you need to build your presence online. Companies with slim to none online presence are
considered less trustworthy and soon start to run out of business.

Online platforms have more than 2 billion monthly active people, and this is the kind of platform you need
to portray your business on. A Digital Marketing Company doesn’t only build your presence online, but also
helps you create a digital sales funnel which helps you increase your sales. 

Search Engine Optimization | SEO Services

best digital marketing company in kanpur/ lucknow

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the lifeblood of any website. There are tons and tons of website on the world wide web,
and when a user makes a query on the search engine, the website with the most relevant query
keywords are ranked above others.

It is the process which enables a website to be found by a search engine. Spending money on Ads
is not feasible every time but, when your web page starts to rank on the first page organically,
that’s when your customer is most likely to click on your website. A web page ranking on the first page of 
Google or other search engines is most vulnerable to clicks. It increases traffic flow to the website
thus, eventually increases the revenue.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has grabbed attention lately.
With active monthly user base hitting 2+ billion per month globally, Social Media has emerged as the new hot cake for taking your product to the relevant buyer. Different platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. have enormous potential to turn your name into a Brand.

Google AdWords and PPC

Organic search results often take time to yeild results. PPC or Pay Per Click service, enables your business listing to jump the que and appear on the first page of the SERP (search engine result page) in no time.

Digital Neptune, PPC Services Company in Kanpur & Lucknow, provides you the relevant options which help you grow your business within your budget. Shopping ads, Display Ads, Search Ads, etc. We optimize them all, according to your needs.

E-mail and SMS Marketing

Lately, E-mail and SMS marketing has picked up pace, as it’s one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with your potential client. SMS and Emails create a virtual funnel for the viewer and has the power to convert them into customers. Digital Neptune, SMS and Email Marketing company in Kanpur/ Lucknow, has done various SMS and Email campaigns and has a proven record of increase in sales volume.

Website Design and Development

The first and foremost thing a business requires is the digital face for their business which is a website. A website has the potential
to either skyrocket your business or break the customer’s trust. Therefore, it is essential to have a great website
which compliments your business and reflects your values on a global level. A website builds a trust factor around your
brand. According to a survey, businesses with ‘no’ website are considered 85% less trustworthy. 

What sets us apart?

 Partnering with a company for seeking marketing solutions isn’t a decision made over a tea break. Rather, one has to be confident
that the chosen one will pave their way to the desired outcome.

There’s a swarm of Digital Marketing Agencies in Kanpur, Lucknow, Delhi NCR etc. which are incompetent. To be in the business,
 one doesn’t just has to have knowledge about the market but also, must have the competence to grab a share in the
highly competitive market.

This is where Digital Neptune comes into the picture. We aren’t just a Brand, but are a Digital Marketing Company
which businesses rely upon. We are an established name in the industry with proven skills. We understand our
client’s needs thoroughly and make strategies around the goal our client wants to reach.

Bridging The Gap To Success

Bridging the gap between where we are and where we want to be isn’t just a task. It requires a lot of creative and logical abilities
combined with strategy management and vigor.
We expertise in market research and analysis of the latest trends 
in the Digital Marketing Sector.
Our enthusiasm and zeal towards facing challenges and emerging with benchmark solutions is what sets us apart,
as the
Best Digital Marketing Company in Kanpur & Lucknow

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